CITY OF MURDERED MEN: Postponed Toxicology reports on Dakota James indicate use of more delay tactics


Whatever is lurking in the community of Pittsburgh seems to have prompted the logical reaction from locals: anger. The coordinated use of various police resources has long been used by governmental agencies to quell hysteria. In this case, however, there will be no reassurance until an investigative committee is opened to look into these saddening deaths. We, the public, are not the enemy of the people. The only way to help unify this grieving city is for the police to tell us everything they know. Information is the greatest source of strength and when shared offers resources that far extend anything in a laboratory.

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Since our last article was posted mere days ago, we have received an outpouring of information from concerned citizens leading us to something we had not expected: more men in rivers. After looking over various articles sent to us, we have decided not to include them here in effort to avoid hysteria and to continue to explore the validity of those claims. Let us assure you, however, there is something larger taking place. This is not ‘fake news’ these are living breathing human beings, which have been victimized and ignored. The reluctance to acknowledge what most people have already come to the conclusion to does nothing but exacerbate the malignancy of whatever murderer is lurking in our midst. The big “S” word, serial killer, brings with it fear and panic, but there is a difference between willful ignorance and calculated denial. If, in fact a serial killer is skulking the Western PA area, then people must know. If not, more lives will be lost. There is no cost to be placed on life.

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As previously published, Paul Kochu was found in the Ohio River a little over a year ago. Like Dakota James, there was initial panic, a video of him walking in the 1900 block of Wharton Street, his absence, and then his body. The fact that he was walking home late at night and intoxicated sounds eerily similar to what is going on currently. How many coincidences does it take for an educated individual to recognize something is amiss?

(Below is footage of Paul Kochu Dec 16th roughly 2:35am) paul kochu surveilance

A backlash that the last post received is that Kochu’s cause of death was listed as “drowning.” This is secondary to the report as to whether or not criminal intent was behind it. While police chose not to follow this, the question you should be asking yourself is: why should this not be considered a strange occurrence? There are those that seek truth and question and there are those who do not. I encourage you, reader, to merely pose the question of how many people dying under mysterious circumstances in the Ohio River does it take before one raises an eyebrow.

Paul Kochu MISSING

Regardless of the toxicology results that will be released, presumably alcohol, there must some sort of investigation. If Dakota James’s death is listed as drowning you read it here first, and hopefully you now know that this has been seen before. Just because something is stated as one thing does not mean it should be. If however his death is listed as something more nefarious, then these old cases of seemingly innocuous events must be explored with every resource available.

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