What started as a routine night on January 15th for one Kansas City girl has taken on a tragedy of epic proportions. Anderson’s car was found in the Missouri River this past Friday with what can be assumed to be her body inside. While the search for her has taken many twists and turns over the last two months, one thing has remained crystal clear; whoever did this heinously calculated crime most likely has ties to law enforcement.

Toni anderson 2

After having both her GPS and cell phone mysteriously go out, she was last scene on camera traversing a lonely Kansas City highway. The rarity of not only one of these devices short-circuiting, but both, should lead to the logical conclusion of sabotage. As one can quickly learn from a Google search, the devices capable of such an act of felonious intent are not readily available to the public, but to law enforcement and military organizations across the country. The police department who searches for Anderson to assuage suspicion from their own ranks has purposely downplayed this bit of insight. This is not the primary motivating factor that should draw your attention to the boys in blue, instead look at a chance encounter that young Tony Anderson had the dark foreboding night of Jan.15th. The stroke of devil’s luck being with of all innocuous things a police car.

After leaving work, Anderson made an illegal turn for which she was stopped by a police officer. A brief exchange is had, and then he lets her off, presumably without a ticket or written account of the incident. What is so alarming is then the officer is seen on video following her to a gas station, waiting for her, then following her off into the night, with no sign of her reappearing until the fateful day she was exhumed from her watery grave. While she was at the gas station, her GPS and phone were somehow deactivated. This is a task that would be easy for a person with law enforcement experience to do from a nearby vantage point. Her last words sent through text to her friend being:

“OMG just got pulled over again”

The tragedy continues for this family, as the police seem to refuse to accept even the remote possibility that they would have a sex fiend for a police officer hiding amongst their ranks. As history would show with two prominent sex cop killers, Gerald Shaefer and Tim Harris, should prove that the badge can have the dual potential to attract rotting apples. All we can hope at this point is that forensic evidence can be obtained from the sunken Ford Focus with clues that point in the direction that should have been made apparent from the beginning.


UPDATE: Toni Anderson has been found. A new article will be coming soon describing the absurdity involved in the theory proposed by police. Please follow to help us hold the police and local government accountable for this case.

-National Crime Beat News