Edward Snowden, currently wanted for treason, talked extensively about the various ways in which the government is going about collecting data. This one would have even surprised him. 

The arguable fear many hispanic Americans have had recently over being deported by ICE will only be exacerbated by these blatant attempts to extend the global watchdog program occurring before our very eyes. These cameras are being placed in the heart of ICE country, Arizona. The local news will tell you these are to track speeders, but military organizations are doing everything and that with your information. The necessity to regulate these increasing types of civil rights violations must be stopped at every turn. 


Cameras are nothing new to most citizens as they are ascribed with ominous blanket statements such as, “for your protection.” This may be a silly example at first, but the desire for the government to hide their cameras while spying on motorists should not be perceived as a transparent act, like they want you to believe. Stay vigilant and know your rights. These were not placed with public knowledge. Instead, they were setup surreptitiously, being ousted by diligent news sources.  Unfortunately we are all on candid camera these days. 

-National Crime Beat News Exclusive