“I think there is a lot of crime on the rise, generally,” she said. “In some of these areas you wouldn’t expect it. “

It is always baffling when the affluent realize they are susceptible to the same victimization as everyone else. While part of their city is witnessing murder rates that are comparable to small military operations, this is where the police will be instructed to place their resources to secure the rich.

The truth that this man will likely be caught while so many murders in Chicago will remain open indefinitely speaks to the level of dysfunction in the area. While anyone who has been assaulted has our deepest sympathizes, we cannot help but point out the glaring acts of bias that are being committed by these news organizations and police departments.

Hopefully this individual is caught swiftly and the police can return to ignoring the other atrocities occurring in the city of Chicago.




“I just shot and killed my two kids and I shot my wife and I’m going to shoot myself now,”

An explosive moment recorded by an Illinois dispatcher before it is believed Randall Coffland turned the gun on himself. But is that what actually happened? Reports recently released indicate that there may be more to the relationships within the Coffland family than meets the eye. Information is showing there may have been domestic issues within the home. What is so fascinating, however, is the domestic abuse seems to stem from the mother to the rest of the family. After the divorce, bad blood permeated both sides. Domestic disturbance calls were made to the police.

“I want you to live and suffer like I did.”

Allegedly these were his last words before turning the gun on himself. What is more perfect than a voice recorded confession? We are hoping that forensics are still done to test whether or not the wife had any gun residue on her hands. If not, a murderer may go free. A self involved shooting to cover up a crime has been done before. This may be yet another example of such. The phone call should raise more questions than it answers. Police have reported they do not have a motive for the current narrative.