Indiana has been delivered a crushing blow. Officially ruled a homicide, the man shown in the photos is wanted in connection with Liberty “Libby” German, 14, and Abigail “Abby”,   Williams, 13 deaths.

“Slocum said the fact that the man hasn’t contacted authorities in the days since two photos of him were released is just a tiny part of what led them to describe him as a suspect.”

Information is scant, but there seems to be an inherent sexual nature to the killings. The way in which the girls were killed is not being released by police. 

Is a sex-fiend on the loose in the small town of Delphi, Indiana? We will only know once the police do their job and inform the public. 

“I’ve lived around this town for 50-plus years and things like this are happening every day in bigger cities, like Chicago and Indianapolis and what not,” he told WLFI-TV. “And in a small community when it happens, everybody goes berserk.”

A telephone tip line has been established in the case. The number is 844-459-5786. Callers can remain anonymous if they wish.

-National Crime Beat Exclusive