Rarely is one given the opportunity to not just look inside the mind of the serial killer, but the transparent mind of the serial killer. Todd Kohlhepp has officially confessed to seven vicious murders, including a long unsolved motorcycle shop massacre. He is also believed to be behind more murders such as another in Arizona and possible a bank robbery triple homicide.

These posts have been screen shot, yet only here have they been collected into one comprehensive piece.

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His sense of humor runs from dark to macabre. Will anymore murders be confirmed? We shall see. Until then, NCBN will soon be releasing an article exploring the freakish resemblances in the motorcycle shop murders and the bank massacre.

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Throughout the Western Pennsylvania area a phantom has stalked the outer city boroughs for young men.  The men, who continue to be ignored by the press, are typically seen drunk on camera, then recovered from a river some time later. While the cause of death has still, as of March 14th, not been reported for Dakota James, Paul Kochu’s was reported as drowning. No new information has come to light, but a startling connecting line has been drawn, or rather, downloaded: Grindr. 

Dakota James river

Grindr is an app that is used by gay men to find other men and gears more towards the digital hookup culture. Serial killers across the country, such as notorious Stephen Port, sickeningly perverted the digital age to find people to lure into their web. The advent of internet technologies is nothing new, having started with John Edward Robinson who would coax women into his life through chat rooms.

Dakota south side

The anonymity inherently present in cyber space should bring heightened alert to Pittsburgh men who regularly use the app. This is unfortunately yet another area brushed aside by the local police, who seem to be willing to do anything to eradicate these atrocities from the headlines. It is important that the possible modus operandi of the Pittsburgh Predator, which may include using the Grindr app to meet gay young men, not be confused with whatever signature is driving him to his dastardly deeds. This very well may include non-gay men into a compromising position for attack, which would coincide with the bodies of other men found, such as Andre Gray. All we know for sure is that these bizarre drownings must continue to receive your attention in order to bring about the full investigation they deserve. Gay men, which have statistically not received the respect they deserve from law enforcement, must remember that history has proved with a variety of other serial murders such as John Wayne Gacy, to Jeffery Dahmer, to more recent local cases such as “Crazy Tony”, the murders of homosexuals and disappearances are far less likely to be investigated or reported on with care. 

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What started as a routine night on January 15th for one Kansas City girl has taken on a tragedy of epic proportions. Anderson’s car was found in the Missouri River this past Friday with what can be assumed to be her body inside. While the search for her has taken many twists and turns over the last two months, one thing has remained crystal clear; whoever did this heinously calculated crime most likely has ties to law enforcement.

Toni anderson 2

After having both her GPS and cell phone mysteriously go out, she was last scene on camera traversing a lonely Kansas City highway. The rarity of not only one of these devices short-circuiting, but both, should lead to the logical conclusion of sabotage. As one can quickly learn from a Google search, the devices capable of such an act of felonious intent are not readily available to the public, but to law enforcement and military organizations across the country. The police department who searches for Anderson to assuage suspicion from their own ranks has purposely downplayed this bit of insight. This is not the primary motivating factor that should draw your attention to the boys in blue, instead look at a chance encounter that young Tony Anderson had the dark foreboding night of Jan.15th. The stroke of devil’s luck being with of all innocuous things a police car.

After leaving work, Anderson made an illegal turn for which she was stopped by a police officer. A brief exchange is had, and then he lets her off, presumably without a ticket or written account of the incident. What is so alarming is then the officer is seen on video following her to a gas station, waiting for her, then following her off into the night, with no sign of her reappearing until the fateful day she was exhumed from her watery grave. While she was at the gas station, her GPS and phone were somehow deactivated. This is a task that would be easy for a person with law enforcement experience to do from a nearby vantage point. Her last words sent through text to her friend being:

“OMG just got pulled over again”

The tragedy continues for this family, as the police seem to refuse to accept even the remote possibility that they would have a sex fiend for a police officer hiding amongst their ranks. As history would show with two prominent sex cop killers, Gerald Shaefer and Tim Harris, should prove that the badge can have the dual potential to attract rotting apples. All we can hope at this point is that forensic evidence can be obtained from the sunken Ford Focus with clues that point in the direction that should have been made apparent from the beginning.


UPDATE: Toni Anderson has been found. A new article will be coming soon describing the absurdity involved in the theory proposed by police. Please follow to help us hold the police and local government accountable for this case.

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CITY OF MURDERED MEN: Postponed Toxicology reports on Dakota James indicate use of more delay tactics


Whatever is lurking in the community of Pittsburgh seems to have prompted the logical reaction from locals: anger. The coordinated use of various police resources has long been used by governmental agencies to quell hysteria. In this case, however, there will be no reassurance until an investigative committee is opened to look into these saddening deaths. We, the public, are not the enemy of the people. The only way to help unify this grieving city is for the police to tell us everything they know. Information is the greatest source of strength and when shared offers resources that far extend anything in a laboratory.

ohio river

Since our last article was posted mere days ago, we have received an outpouring of information from concerned citizens leading us to something we had not expected: more men in rivers. After looking over various articles sent to us, we have decided not to include them here in effort to avoid hysteria and to continue to explore the validity of those claims. Let us assure you, however, there is something larger taking place. This is not ‘fake news’ these are living breathing human beings, which have been victimized and ignored. The reluctance to acknowledge what most people have already come to the conclusion to does nothing but exacerbate the malignancy of whatever murderer is lurking in our midst. The big “S” word, serial killer, brings with it fear and panic, but there is a difference between willful ignorance and calculated denial. If, in fact a serial killer is skulking the Western PA area, then people must know. If not, more lives will be lost. There is no cost to be placed on life.

missing men

As previously published, Paul Kochu was found in the Ohio River a little over a year ago. Like Dakota James, there was initial panic, a video of him walking in the 1900 block of Wharton Street, his absence, and then his body. The fact that he was walking home late at night and intoxicated sounds eerily similar to what is going on currently. How many coincidences does it take for an educated individual to recognize something is amiss?

(Below is footage of Paul Kochu Dec 16th roughly 2:35am) paul kochu surveilance

A backlash that the last post received is that Kochu’s cause of death was listed as “drowning.” This is secondary to the report as to whether or not criminal intent was behind it. While police chose not to follow this, the question you should be asking yourself is: why should this not be considered a strange occurrence? There are those that seek truth and question and there are those who do not. I encourage you, reader, to merely pose the question of how many people dying under mysterious circumstances in the Ohio River does it take before one raises an eyebrow.

Paul Kochu MISSING

Regardless of the toxicology results that will be released, presumably alcohol, there must some sort of investigation. If Dakota James’s death is listed as drowning you read it here first, and hopefully you now know that this has been seen before. Just because something is stated as one thing does not mean it should be. If however his death is listed as something more nefarious, then these old cases of seemingly innocuous events must be explored with every resource available.

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Throughout the counties of Western PA there have been several young men who have been murdered and their bodies left in neighboring rivers. The latest example of this is Dakota James who was just twenty-three years old. At 8:45am his body was discovered by a Debbie Dohmlo who was  walking her dog when she saw Dakota in the river. Although the medical examiner is refusing to provide a cause of death at this time, it is safe to say we have already seen it before.    

Dakota south side                 

Paul Kochu was twenty-two last year when he went missing from the South Side before he reappeared in the Ohio River just twenty days shy of when Dakota was discovered. Except he was not found alone, but with another man, Andre Gray. Where Andre’s death was released as a homicide then quickly pinned on another man, Hubert Wingate, authorities refuse to release the autopsy for Kochu. There is good reason for this, as they are manipulating the media to alleviate fears of exactly what is occurring in the sleepy town of Pittsburgh. Now there are undeniable facts they cannot dodge any longer for the safety of young men everywhere. 

Andre Gray

All men were chosen in the small geographic area of the South Side, a neighbor within the city itself. While two out of three of the men are white, this should not rule out suspicions of the killer or killers to go beyond the racial line. As was made evident in Milwaukee with serial killer Jeffery Dahmer, there is no racial blueprint for who a murderer may or may not strike out against. This blindness on the part of the authorities will only lead to more deaths and finger pointing later on. That is why the public must urge Pittsburgh Police to release the details that they are consciously withholding in order to do their jobs and protect the public at large. Due to this killer’s clear knowledge of forensic evidence, as indicted by use of the rivers, and jurisdictional boundaries, it cannot be ruled out that the reason they have held onto this information is to allow themselves more opportunities to look within their own departments for a possible culprit. 


Whatever the case, the lives of these three young men and possibly many more in the past or future lie in the hands of these officials and they must be held accountable. If they choose to deflect, then it is to be assumed they have something worth covering for personal sakes. Continuing to not release the cause of deaths in these two young white men from the same area and of the same physical build is stupefying. The Pittsburgh Predator must be acknowledged with all resources the city has to offer.